The Collage Process

A collage is usually a carefully composed and orderly arrangement of a number of elements adhered to some sort of backing material. The process, as you will see below, can be a mixture of order and disorder.


I keep a large inventory of collage material in my studio. Some of it is printed matter that I make from scans or photos of my paintings in addition to an assortment of materials accumulated over time: wallpaper samples, purchased handmade papers, wrapping papers and copyright free images available on disc and suchlike.

When I need a certain color, shape or pattern to embellish a painting, I make it out of this stock or I print it something new on an acrylic skin or tissue paper or make a plain paper transfer using pigment inks. Many of these are embellished with studio materials before they qualify as collage material. These oddments are then integrated into the painting and often are painted on or glazed over before the painting is finally resolved. The final version of a painting is usually a fusion of materials between a base layer of acrylic paint and a cover layer of more paint, pastel, colored pencil and graphite. The final layer is a protective coat of UV filtering varnish.

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Table that holds the collage elements

Work table

Tissue paper and acrylic "skins" - thin films of acrylic paint


Different bins for different sizes

Stripes and patterns

Mat preview of finished painting.

Lots of trial and error

Thin strips of color are trimmings from large pieces.

Acrylic paint, oil pastel, collage elements = mixed media

A friend called these painted strips of paper my "noodles"

Some work to be done here

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